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Being a writer and being a naturalist require similar approaches. Not only do you have to be willing to crawl, bend, and crouch to examine something (a sapling, a mushroom, a paragraph) from many angles, but you have to love doing just that. I use writing to help me think, communicate, and feel more present every day. I employ a curiosity about the natural world to help me wonder, reflect, and feel more present as a member of this planet’s astounding ecosystems. My goal with this website and in my works is to capture and contribute to conversations about how to live on this Earth in a way that honors its complexity and acknowledges the simultaneous fragility and profound power of our species.

Catalog Information

Born: Talent, OR

School: Oregon State University - Natural Resources (B.S.) 2016; Environmental Arts & Humanities (M.A.) 2018

Living: Columbus, OH

Currently Reading: The Year of the Flood by Margaret Atwood; Cien Años de Soledad by Gabriel García Márquez

Currently Writing: Article on wildfire smoke; Guest post on medicinal mushrooms; Novel on adventure, utopia, and political collapse