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Bark beetles are the worst nightmares of timber companies and tree-huggers alike, because they can wipe out trees for miles, leaving behind a landscape of standing skeletons. Many species of bark beetle exist – there are those that munch on mountain pines, those that prefer western pines, and those that go for stands of Douglas-firs (Pseudotsuga menziesii) (the trees pictured here). A stand of a single type of tree is more vulnerable, because many beetle species are only interested in particular types of trees. If a stand of trees consists of a number of species, the beetles may spread less easily. Beetle blights have been worsening in recent years due to shifts in climate. In some cases, climate change has caused unusual seasons that promote high rates of beetle reproduction and extend the geographical ranges in which these insects can survive. Learn more about this creepy crawly topic at these links: and  

Lucia Hadella