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This is Lake Shasta (a.k.a Shasta Lake), a human-made lake in northern California, and it is the state’s largest reservoir. In the summer of 2016, I vacationed there with my boyfriend and his family. Just two years prior, the lake was more of a dry lakebed, hauntingly empty . The water had reached record lows. 2015 was the hottest year on record for California, and although Shasta saw a replenishing of water in 2016, drought and water shortage continue to plague the state. It doesn’t help that humans in developed countries are overusing and polluting Earth’s freshwater supply at an unsustainable rate. You could look at this picture and see a fun place to float on a 100+ degree day, or you could see a precious oasis that is part of a much larger web of environmental, political, and humanitarian conflicts. Here’s an article about California’s water problem: . Here’s a website for an organization devoted to addressing water shortage around the world: . 

Lucia Hadella