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Save the bees

I have to admit I’m really bee-side myself about this one, and that’s the only joke I will make about the uptick in bee deaths, because it’s actually not funny at all. In fact, the issue should have every single human on the planet deeply concerned, because we all need to eat. About 84% of the world’s approximately 300 commercial crops rely on insect pollination – not to mention most of the gorgeous flowers in your garden and a number of the trees as well. This overall trend in bee deaths seems to be due to a complicated cocktail of risk factors. While not all the pesticides that are used for, say, agriculture kill bees outright, they weaken the bee’s defenses against parasites and diseases that end up killing them. Habitat destruction and a lack of diversity in agricultural crops can also contribute to disruptions in a bee’s lifecycle, therefore inhibiting its ability to survive and reproduce. Go here to learn more about how to help bees: . 

Lucia Hadella