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Sea rise

Why are sea levels rising? There are two major reasons. As climate change causes glaciers, ice caps, and ice sheets to melt into the sea, they release a massive volume of water. Meanwhile, the oceans absorb heat, and as the planet warms, the water molecules in the oceans expand. From a land-dweller’s perspective, the sea rise our planet is facing right now looks like diminishing beaches. It looks like more frequent and devastating floods in coastal regions, threatening lives and property. It means the eventual displacement of up to as many as 760 million people worldwide who live in coastal areas. Within the United States alone, 39% of the population lived in counties directly along the shoreline in 2010, and that number is only expected to increase. To learn more about regional estimates for how severe sea level rise could become and when, check out these links: and (This one allows you to enter a city and see the potential sea level rise on a map.)

Lucia Hadella